Unlocking the Potential of BFG Token: A New Era of Crypto Dividends

Explore how BFG Token revolutionizes earning dividends in crypto through BetFury, offering daily payouts and a trusted platform.

What is BFG Token?

Before the Crypto era, in the world of stock market you could buy shares in a company and this is how you could get dividends, meaning you would get paid yields/revenues on your investment.

The Crypto world has changed things, so many businesses allow you now to invest in their token, in their currency, or in their products.

BetFury, is a gambling website that allows investors to buy their BFG Token, and by doing so they can stake (create a fixed deposit) and get paid dividends - which are paid on a daily basis which is something most investors are not used to.

How can I trust the business? What guarantees do I have?

Indeed, FTX for instance turned into a Ponzi Scheme, their FTT token crushed from $52 to $1 in 2022, Luna had a similar incident, and you can rightfully ask - how can I trust BetFury to not do the same thing, steal the funds and run?

So here comes a different perspective - BetFury is a small business, it’s a gambling website, it’s audited by CertiK:


And it does respond to inquiries raised by the auditor. Not only that, most gambling websites like Ladbrokes, William Hill etc. - they are here for many years - we believe BetFury is here to do the same thing - they don’t ask you to keep your BFG with them and lock it, you can withdraw it anytime, and the Staking (dividends) are paid on a daily basis!

When did BetFury start?

The website was launched in November 2019, so it has been running for several years now. It is running promotions all the times, for instance it celebrates its Birthday every November, and then running promos for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and more.

Collect Free BFG and other Free Crypto

The site is giving you Free BFG and other Free Crypto coins on a constant basis, using the “Free Boxes”. You can also roll a wheel and get more free crypto, and you would get more BFG for playing on the site. The more you play - the more BFG tokens you would get.

If you wish to sign up to BetFury you can use this link:


You can also collect Free BFG from our faucet: