Introducing Our $20 Guarantee (19 December 2022)

Learn about our pledge to cap withdrawal thresholds at $20 across all sites, ensuring fairness amidst crypto's fluctuating values.

Our Guarantee

Yesterday, we have raised the withdrawal threshold in 5 of our sites, and we announced it on Youtube:

We’ve also announced about it in our social media channels, for example on Twitter:

This is not the first time we’ve done it and likewise in the past we’ve also lowered the threshold as well, we were not only raising it as some of our members unfortunately think or believe.

Due to the dynamism in the crypto world, and due to the fact we’re at the moment running 20 sites with 20 different crypto coins that can change drastically from one price to another and more (e.g. Litecoin in the past 1.5 years was hovering around $300 and now $50) - due to all this we don’t want to find ourselves concentrating on justification or explanation for actions of this kind, but at the same time we don’t want to discourage our users from using our sites.

This is why - we have decided to come up with a guarantee that would hopefully make you feel better using our sites knowing there is a ceiling to the threshold:

Our guarantee is that we will never raise the threshold to be more than $20 USD in value of any coin. If the coin for instance goes up in value (e.g. NEO goes up to be worth more than $20) then we would raise the minimum roll for it accordingly so it would compensate for the high price.

We are intentionally mentioning $20 although most of our sites at the moment have an average of $3 - $5 withdrawal threshold or even less - as we have to take inflation and other factors into account, in order to make such a guarantee.

In addition, some good news!

Until now all of our sites required you to collect 100 tokens in order to exchange them, and we have now lowered this requirement to 5 tokens only (5 tokens = $0.01), so you can collect more Crypto this way and save your money in crypto instead of tokens.

Against this guarantee we are taking the liberty to change the withdrawal threshold in any of our sites between $0 to $20 anytime, without any notification whatsoever.

We appreciate your understanding and we hope this would reassure you that we are not looking to make it impossible to withdraw from our sites, especially considering the fact that we are still making hundreds of payments on a daily basis, and keep on remembering you do have a chance to win big in our sites which would put you in the withdrawal feature instantly without having to wait even 1 hour!

Good luck and we hope you would better enjoy our sites this way.